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"Finding Snow White"
— documentary film

This inspiring new film shows people grappling with tragedy and adversity and moving into wellness and hope. “Finding Snow White” shows Ditta Oliker’s amazing journey from despair over the murder of her son in 1973, to purpose, psychology, and achieving potential. Ditta breaks free, determined to help others live fully and become the individuals they should be, and earns her PhD in Clinical Psychology at age 50. Forty years later the boyhood friend of her dead son encounters her, a successful and creative psychotherapist and author at age 91. She and a former patient of hers reveal to the friend the metaphor of the Snow White tale in our psychological lives. The friend also discovers a poem he himself wrote among her dead son’s papers, strangely predicting he would come full circle to cope with what happened… This dramatic and enlightening film will be released in 2022. See the website and 3 minute trailer here  

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