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Resources for Modern

Marketing Communications

Here we provide insight and methods to help you perform modern marketing communications. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, marketing communications are crucial for success. See our article and series of “how to” videos, link below.


We live in a digital age where the immediate access to information has compelled marketing communications to modernize.


Marketing communications is no longer simply the use of messages and media to “sell” stuff to people.


Modern marketing communications expresses truth: the truth of what is valuable in what you offer to people.

So you don’t need to “sell” truth. People hunger for truth. Truth may excite and delight them. It may shock and awe. But truth always matters.


Marketing communications remains an art, craft, and science. But today, it uses communication to be useful, relevant and emotionally-connected to people, true to people, in a digital context.


As our article below explains, modern marketing communications also shapes the products, services, ideas, and even behaviors that marketers promote. What marketers promote must be valuable to people. To be valuable it needs to be true.  


So find and express your truth. Truth is your brand treasure. It has no limit.


Article: Modern Marketing Communications is Truth   


See Videos On Demand:  “How To” Perform Marketing Communications



1 - How to Create a Communications Strategy

Provides three important tips for developing a successful communication strategy and tells the story of creating an anti-smoking campaign. Introduces the strategic process ACE – Align, Create, and Engage®.

2 - The Strategic Communications Process

Describes the strategic communications process to create successful marketing campaigns: ACE – Align, Create, and Engage®. Tells the story of a TV campaign to market telephones which people valued for the love they generate as much as their features.

3 Part I - How To Align Your Message to Customers and Communities

Describes how to craft a compelling message to an audience by finding the truth of a product, service or program. It’s Step One “Align” in the strategic process ACE – Align, Create, and Engage®. Discusses methods including marketing research.

3 Part II – Stories About Aligning A Message to Customers and Communities

Tells the stories of creating messaging ideas to promote solar power, compostable bags, and recycling of used motor oil. This further describes Step One, to “Align” the benefit of a product, service, or behavioral change to target audiences, in the strategic process: ACE – Align, Create, and Engage®.

4 - How To Create Media and A Communications Plan

Describes how OneWorld Communications creates a communications plan and media in Step Two “Create”, in its strategic process ACE – Align, Create, and Engage®. Touches upon the creative brief, and the creative team members.

5 - How To Engage With Customers and Communities

Describes how to use creative media to engage with potential customers or a community, for clients. Includes using a communications plan, cultural and language versions, a media calendar, social media tool kit, street outreach, advertising, and measuring results. The final step of the ACE – Align, Create, and Engage® process.

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