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Films & Videos On-Demand

We produce documentary-narrative films and educational videos.
Rent them here for viewing.
We use proceeds to help pay for color grading, audio tweaking, animation/motion graphics and more for these self-funded productions.
Thank you.

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When we face adversity, we can either shrink down into victimhood or grow and give others hope. “Finding Snow White” tells Ditta Oliker’s amazing journey from personal loss to purpose, psychology, and achieving potential.  After Ditta’s teenage son is murdered, she becomes a PhD psychotherapist. She practices to age 91 when she and a former patient inspire the boyhood friend of her long lost son, by revealing the meaning of the Snow White fairy tale and how people break free of their past to achieve their inner potential.

But I Love the Zine

But I Love The Zine is a short documentary exploring the enduring love in the Bay Area for zines — self-published, accessible, often artistic publications that offer an antidote to the disconnectedness of internet culture. In this documentary, viewers are introduced to a thriving small press community through interviews with publishers in their studios and at festivals like the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine fest. It features zine makers such as: Raphael Villet, Jeffrey Cheung, Max Stadnik, Jess Wu, and OMCA curator, Carin Adams, among others. Produced and Directed by Fiona McDougall.

Here we provide insight and methods to help you perform modern marketing communications. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, marketing communications are crucial for success. We live in a digital age where the immediate access to information has compelled marketing communications to modernize.

Marketing communications is no longer simply the use of messages and media to “sell” stuff to people.

Modern marketing communications expresses truth: the truth of what is valuable in what you offer to people.

So you don’t need to “sell” truth. People hunger for truth. Truth may excite and delight them. It may shock and awe. But truth always matters.

Marketing communications remains an art, craft, and science. But today, it uses communication to be useful, relevant and emotionally-connected to people, true to people, in a digital context.

So find and express your truth. Truth is your brand treasure. It has no limit.

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