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Golden Gate Park Celebration

A celebration of no cars!

People of all ages partied on the JFK Promenade of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco after voters chose to permanently keep this 1.5 mile stretch formerly called JFK Drive car-free... local residents Vernon Legakis with 6 month old August and David Dinaburg with 2-year old Leigh reflected on why the car-free space is important to them, and David Miles, the Godfather of Skate, thanked people with heartfelt eloquence. Meanwhile as the sun went down we came across Larry Pascua @mukhalibrolarry playing beautifully on a baby grand piano placed along the promenade by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department facing the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers... Fiona McDougall and I will be back with our OneWorld Communications camera, or our bikes soon! No doubt! Supporting this effort we saw Save the JFK Promenade, Walk San Francisco, San Francisco Bike Coalition among others...

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