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Chinese language projects

Here's OneWorld's Chinese New Year's Greeting by Dominic and Stella, in English translation:


Stella: The arrival of the New Year's Spring season just happens to coincide with the beginning of the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, so auspicious!


Dominic: At this moment of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, on behalf of OneWorld Communications, from the city of Dingxi, in Gansu, China we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Dominic: We wish everyone a year of health and good luck,

Stella: We wish you all a year of plenty and wealth,

Dominic: We wish all of your affairs [play on the word 'pig' in Mandarin] go smoothly and are full of joy,


Stella: We wish you a year of gains and continuous good deeds.


Dominic: We wish you all…


Both: An auspicious year of the Pig!


Dominic: Let's give cheers for that!

From all of us at OneWorld Communications, Happy New Year everyone!

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